Pressure Care Products

What are Pressure Care Products?

Pressure Care Products are designed to minimise discomfort, support injured or aching joints and reduce the impact of the condition.

What types of Pressure Care Products are there available?

Elbow & Heel Protectors - help with painful elbows and protect fragile ankles.

Leg & Heel Cushions - the best treatment for swollen and tired legs.

Seating & Cushions  - Helps eliminate the discomfort and healing problems caused by pressure points when sitting.

Mattressess & Overlays - Used for both comfort and pressure reduction whilst sleeping

Pillows & Neck Care - Pressure care products designed to alleviate strains and pain.

What conditions could necessitate using Pressure Care Products?

Buy Pressure Care Products online

Choose from a range of pressure care products including:

Visco Memory Mattress Topper

Harley Back Soother Cushion

Sero Pressure Bonyparts

Many more Pressure Care Products can found at OT Stores.

Pressure Care Products - Pressure care products to help reduce discomfort

Pressure care products to help reduce discomfort

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